Part Number: SJ3532N Product Description 3M SJ3532N 1 in x 50 yd Fastn Hook 1 IN White

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DESCRIPTION: Durable Woven Nylon for Thousands of Openings and Closings 3M™ Hook Fastener SJ3532N, when combined with 3M™ Loop Fastener SJ3533N or a comparable loop strip, engages to form a quick fastener that can be opened and closed up to 5,000 times before losing 50% of the original peel strength. 3M Hook and Loop Fasteners are widely utilized in electronics, construction, specialty vehicle, medical, furniture, as well as general industrial operations where securing surfaces that can be unfastened and refastened without bulging rivets, screws or bolts. It is not recommended for attaching to flexible vinyl or plasticized substrates. Recommended Applications Attach removable seat cushions Point of purchase displays Hang graphics and banners that change frequently Synthetic Rubber Adhesive Holds on Contact 3M™ Hook Fastener SJ3532N is coated on the backside with a medium tacky synthetic rubber pressure sensitive adhesive designed to function for indoor applications. It is especially suited for indoor attachment to low surface energy materials such as polyethylene and polypropylene plastics. It is not recommended for attaching to flexible vinyl or plasticized substrates. Using pressure sensitive adhesives eliminates or reduces the need for sewing, solvent activation, dielectric or ultrasonic bonding or bulk adhesive bonding. Eliminating these application procedures creates simplicity, improves safety and helps lowers installation costs. Bringing Better Ideas to the Surface through Science and Innovation In our 3M Industrial Adhesives and Tapes Division, we apply the science of adhesion to deliver innovative solutions that improve the design and manufacturing processes of companies around the world. In the end, our technologies help customers like you deliver competitive products to the market faster and more efficiently.
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